Young Scientist Research Support Program Award Notice I

In order to develop the biology research pipelines in understanding protein functions and promote technology revolutions in structure-based drug discovery, Shuimu Biosciences has launched the Young Scientist Support Program (YSSP) on 27th May, 2021. Many applications have been received from scientists across the world during the application period. 

Since some of the applications are still in the process of one-to-one communication and evaluation, there will be two award notices of YSSP. In the Award Notice I, 18 scientists are awarded with the free initial assessment including data collection on 300kV Titan Krios G3. On 13th July, another 12 scientists will be announced in the Award Notice II.

Congratulations to the awarded scientists. Shuimu Biosciences thank all the scientists for their contributions in the science and technology advancement. Shuimu Biosciences will continue to provide more opportunities to support the research and technology innovation.

  1. For the awarded projects, scientists could start to prepare sample shipment. Official notice and program workflow will be sent via Email ( For any questions, please feel free to contact the sales representative or
  2. All the applicants receive the final decision sent by official email from Shuimu Biosciences before 15th July.
In June 2021, Shuimu Biosciences introduced 300kV Krios G4 from Thermo Fisher Scientific after acquisition of 300kV Titan Krios in 2020. At the moment, Krios G4 is in the process of installation and testing. Shuimu Biosciences is committed to providing affordable and accessible cryo-EM and protein structure determination services to scientists and researchers.

Connect with Shuimu Biosciences at the 35th Annual Symposium of The Protein Society

Shuimu Biosciences will attend the 35th anniversary symposium of the Protein Society (virtual meeting), July 7th – 9th and 12th – 14th, 2021. You are invited to joining our webinar at 6:00 PM EDT on July 7th. A Shuimu Biosciences featured talk will be given in the webinar by Dr. Nan Liu from Tsinghua University with the topic “the next-generation specimen supporting films for high-resolution cryo-EM analysis”. 

[The Protein Society is a non-for-profit scholar society to advance state-of-the-art protein science since 1985. The 35th anniversary symposium will comprise 11 exceptional scientific sessions and 10+ award talks that covers a wide range of scientific achievements in protein science. To register the meeting, please click

Founded in 2017, Shuimu Biosciences is an innovative drug discovery company driven by structure biology and AI. We have established the first commercial platform of Cryo-EM service in Asia. Based on the state-of-the-art cryogenic electron microscopy instruments, super-computing infrastructures and machine learning technologies, we are capable to provide comprehensive and cost-effective Cryo-EM services. 

We are committed to accelerating academic and industrial applications in protein structure determination, antibody development, drug discovery, gene therapy, vaccine development, ect. Till 2021, we have collaborated with more than 50 pharmaceutical companies and research institutes across the world]