Young Scientist Research Support Program

Shuimu Biosciences announced to launch the structural biology research support program on 27th May 2021. This program will provide funds and technical support for structural biology research to young scientist all over the world. This program intends to develop the biology research pipelines in understanding protein functions and promote technology revolutions in structure-based drug discovery.

About The Research Support Program

This program is open to all young scientists affiliated with any research-based institution, university or company.

30 projects will be selected among all the applications.

Free Cryo-EM initial assessment will be offered to all the selected projects. Initial assessment includes negative staining, grid preparation and data collection on Titan Krios G3. 

In addition, at least 50% fund support in large scale data collection on Titan Krios G3 and structure determination will be granted to all selected projects.

For outstanding project, 100% fund support in large scale data acquisition and processing will be offered to the outstanding projects selected by the selection committee.

Terms & Conditions

Application proposal shall include cryo-EM single particle analysis or structure determination as part of techniques. 

For the selected projects, qualified protein samples shall be provided within one month. Free initial assessment will deliver 300 micrographs and project report.

For the selected projects, scientists could decide the further process according to the results of the initial assessment. 

50%-100% deduction will be applied for further large scale data acquisition and structure determination services.

How To Apply

Please email to to get the application form. 

Please complete the application form and return to before 20th June, 2021.

The application will be evaluated by the selection committee and all the applicants will be informed about the decision before 30th June, 2021.